Saturday, July 23, 2011

Daphne Wins National Select 7 on 7

by Jeff Fisher
Alabama High School Football Huddle

13 was a lucky number for the Daphne Trojans this weekend.

The defending Alabama 6A champs were a perfect 13-0 on the way to the National Select 7-on-7 Championships in Hoover, Alabama.

Daphne beat Prattville 10-8 in the championship game.  The Trojans also beat Prattville in the winner's bracket final earlier in the day in the double-elimination tournament.

National Select 7-on-7 Tournament Scoreboard


Daphne (AL)  10  Prattville  8

Championship Bracket
1st Round

Daphne (AL)  43  West Rowan  (NC)  14
Spanish Fort (AL)  28  Allentown Central Catholic (PA)  9
McGill-Toolen (AL)  19  Fairhope (AL)  10
West Monroe (LA)  23  Warren Central (IN)  15
Grayson (GA)  43  Brighton (TN)  15
Spain Park (AL)  22  Aurora Christian (IL)  12
North Gwinnett (GA)  24  Oxford (AL)  17
Flowery Branch (GA)  27 McPherson (KS)  17
Hoover (AL)  42  Angola (IN)  7
Fayetteville (AR)  41  Walker (AL)  20
Prattville (AL)  26  Memphis University (TN)  21
Olive Branch (MS)  26  Thomas Jefferson (PA)  20
Mandeville (LA)  34  Hoover-B (AL)  16
Kenton (OH)  28  George Washington Carver (AL)  15
Shiloh Christian (AR)  27 Dorman (SC)  20
Lassiter (GA)  34  Bastrop (LA)  16

2nd Round
Daphne (AL)  23  Spanish Fort (AL)  9
West Monroe (LA)  23  McGill-Toolen (AL)  22
Grayson (GA)  36  Spain Park (AL)  10
Flowery Branch (GA)  25  North Gwinnett (GA)  16
Fayetteville (AR)  34  Hoover (AL)  21
Prattville (AL)  23  Olive Branch (MS)  11
Mandeville (LA)  25 Kenton (OH)  22
Lassiter (GA)  29  Shiloh Christian (AR)

Daphne (AL)  28  West Monroe (LA)  12
Flowery Branch (GA)  26  Grayson (GA)  15
Prattville (AL)  36  Fayetteville (AR)  3
Mandeville (LA)  24  Lassiter (GA)  12

Daphne (AL)  32  Flowery Branch (GA)  26
Prattville (AL)  18  Mandeville (LA)  14

Winner's Bracket Final
Daphne (AL)  beats  Prattville (AL)  

Loser's Bracket

1st Round
Allentown Central Catholic (PA)  33  West Rowan (NC)  22
Warren Central (IN)  28  Fairhope (AL)  11
Walker (AL)  34  Angola (IN)  25
Memphis University (TN)  27  Thomas Jefferson (PA)  24
Aurora Christian (IL)  22  Brighton (TN)  12
Oxford (AL)  30  McPherson (KS)  18
George Washington Carver (AL)  55  Hoover-B (AL)  9
Dorman (SC)  32  Bastrop (LA)  30

2nd Round
North Gwinnett (GA)  18  Allentown Central Catholic (PA)  16
Spain Park (AL)  44  Warren Central (IN)  35
McGill-Toolen (AL)  28  Walker (AL)  27
Memphis University (TN)  31  Spanish Fort (AL)  22
Shiloh Christian (AR)  22  Aurora Christian (IL)  20
Oxford (AL)  30  Kenton (OH)  15
Olive Branch (MS)  32  George Washington Carver (AL)  29
Hoover (AL)  23  Dorman (SC)  22

3rd Round
North Gwinnett (GA)  22  Spain Park (AL)  19
McGill-Toolen (AL)  18  Memphis University (TN)  10
Oxford (AL)  35  Shiloh Christian (AR)  23
Hoover (AL)  22  Olive Branch (MS)  4

4th Round
West Monroe (LA)  27  North Gwinnett (GA)  17
Grayson (GA)  38  McGill-Toolen (AL)  23
Fayetteville (AR)  34  Oxford (AL)  25
Lassiter (GA)  33  Hoover (AL)  22

5th Round
Mandeville (LA)  26  Grayson (GA) 16
Lassiter (GA)  24  Flowery Branch (GA)  22

Loser's Bracket Semifinal
Mandeville (LA)  27  Lassiter (GA)  10

Loser's Bracket Final
Prattville (AL) beats  Mandeville (LA)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

National Select 7-on-7 Tournament Begins in Hoover

by Jeff Fisher
Alabama High School Football Huddle

High school football teams from 13 different states converge upon Hoover, Alabama Thursday for the National Select 7-on-7 Championships.

The 32-teams, three-day tournament gets underway tomorrow with pool play.  George Washington Carver High School from Alabama is back to defend its 2010 title.

You can watch the games LIVE on the event's website at

Here's the list of this year's participants:

Allentown Central Catholic (PA)
Angola High School (IN)
Aurora Christian (IL)
Bastrop High School (LA)
Brighton High School (TN)
Daphne High (AL)
Dorman High School (SC)
Fairhope High School (AL)
Fayetteville High School (AR)
Flowery Branch High School (GA)
George Washington Carver High School (AL)
Grayson High School (GA)
Hoover High School (AL)
Kenton High School (OH)
Lassiter High School (GA)
Mandeville High School (LA)
McGill-Toolen Catholic High School (AL)
McPherson High School (KS)
Memphis University School (TN)
North Gwinnett High School (GA)
Olive Branch High School (MS)
Oxford High School (AL)
Prattville High School (AL)
Shiloh Christian (AR)
Spain Park High School (AL)
Spanish Fort High School (AL)
Thomas Jefferson High School (PA)
Walker High School (AL)
Warren Central High School (IN)
West Monroe High School (LA)
West Rowan High School (NC)